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The Voice Songstress Leah Suárez, executive director of Jazz Artists of Charleston, begins a big year with the inaugural Charleston International Jazz Festival.  It’s nearly impossible to talk Holy City jazz without the name “Leah Suárez” bubbling up. After all, it was the Mexican-American jazz singer who spearheaded the January 2008 creation of Jazz Artists of Charleston (JAC).

She has since served as executive director of the nonprofit, which houses the outstanding Charleston Jazz Orchestra. This month, Suárez and JAC are again breaking new ground with the first Charleston International Jazz Festival, which next Thursday through Sunday, January 22 to 25, will bring musicians together to celebrate the area’s rich musical history.

Combine this with Suárez’s reenergized focus on her personal singing, and it’s easy to see why 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year. We caught up with her to get the scoop.

Source: The Voice | Charleston Magazine